Nada Amin's research and teaching interests encompass programming language design and implementation, including type systems & verification, metaprogramming & reflection, and applications to machine learning, biology and performing arts.

A message from Nada Amin

I welcome inquiries from undergraduates, who wants to do research applying programming to model a domain of interest – music composition as an example. I also welcome students who want to delve deeper into programming language design and implementation. I value previous experience in software engineering and machine learning, as well as the chosen domain(s) of application. Take a look at my research, publications and code; and get in touch if anything sounds intriguing.

If you're a prospective PhD student, please apply to SEAS and mention me in your application.

If you're a current researcher (PhD student, postdoc, faculty, ...) in the Boston area, I am open to collaboration and co-supervision opportunities.